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Dried Pandanus Leaves

Organic Whole Dried Pandanus Leaves 0.7Oz

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Dried Pandanus Leaves
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Pandanus Leaves

Pandanus Tree

About the Product:
  • 100% Organic Pandanus Leaves from Rai Chamaiporn
  • Used in Thai desserts and drink and as Thai spice and Indian spice
  • Also used as a green coloring agent
  • Hand packed in our Gourmet Spice Shop. This product is Kosher certified
  • Known also as pandan leaf, pulao pata, rampe, screw palm, and screw pine

Product Description:

We've sourced the best dried Pandanus Leaves and packaged them for you.

Pandan is a herbaceous tropical plant with long green leaves.

In Southeast Asia, pandan leaves are used to lend a unique taste and aroma to many Thai desserts and some drinks.

Pandan paste is used in cakes and desserts, as it is sweet and imbues foods with a bright green color.

A Thai equivalent to vanilla, Pandanus is one of the most popular flavorings for coconut desserts, second only to the sweet essence of jasmine.


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