Saturday, July 6, 2019

Holy Basil Leaves

Organic Dried Holy Basil Leaves 0.9oz

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Dried Holy Basil Leaves
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Holy Basil Leaves

About the Product:
  • Organic Dried Holy Basil from Khudkhum Biotech
  • Spicy Not Sweet or Called it that Hot Basil
  • Harvest in Organic Farm on Northeast Thailand
  • More Fragrant and Taste
Dried Holy Basil packaged in foil bags it's better to Keeps the taste and smell for long time. The Holy Basil or Hot Basil in Thailand called it that "Grapao". This basil is used in simple stir-fries, and together with garlic, fresh chillies and fish sauce, it imparts a wonderful flavor to any meat or seafood you wish to toss up quickly in the wok. Thai holy basil has a noticeably different flavor than the variety sold as seedlings under the same name in many Western nurseries that carry specialty culinary herbs. It is spicy, not sweet.


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