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Senna Leaf Tea

Organic Senna Leaf Tea 36-Teabags

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Senna Leaf Tea
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Dried Senna Leaves

Senna Leaves

About the Product:

- Boasts glycosides and sennosides, anthraquinones not found in any other plant
- Naturally caffeine-free
- Acts as a gentle laxative and relives constipation
- Can be used prior to colonoscopy
- Rai Chamaiporn’s Senna Tea is all-natural with no added ingredients

Product Description:

Senna is an herb native to China, India and Northern Africa. Its leaves and pods have potent nutrients that benefit the gastrointestinal track. The primary health advantages of Senna come from a compound known as anthraquinone and its derivatives glycosides and sennosides. These are unique to the genus Senna and are responsible for its main health benefit, digestive relief. Senna Tea is naturally caffeine free and has been praised as one of the best all-natural solutions for constipation, it also soothes the colon for gentle relief.

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Senna Tea can be taken once or twice daily to relieve constipation. Start with one cup of Senna Tea to gauge your body's individual reaction to the herb. Senna usually works within six to 12 hours after consumption. Therefore, it is best to take Senna Tea at night to experience constipation relief the next morning. Senna blends nicely with other stomach sooting herbs such as peppermint, ginger and fennal. Soak Senna Tea bags for 10 minutes in hot water before drinking.


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