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Soursop Leaves Tea

Soursop Leaves Tea 36-Teabags

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Soursop Leaves Tea 36-TeabagsSoursop Leaves Tea

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Soursop Leaves Tea

Soursop Leaves

About the Product
  • "Krittiya Garden Soursop Leaf Tea" made from 100% organic soursop leaves (graviola) that you can taste it
  • We harvest soursop graviola leaves during the prime time for the ulmost benefits from our organic soursop farm
  • We carefully process the soursop leaves tea with advanced techniques, so the quality of our soursop tea is ensured to be highest preserve of the nutrient content of the tea can be
  • Soursop Leaves Tea is produced at factory certified with GMP and HACCP system
  • Drink for healthy in every day, contain 36-Teabags in package
Product Description

Soursop Leaves Tea from Chamaiporn Farm in Thailand, Standard GMP, HACCP. Intruction: - You can drink the soursop leaves tea 1-2 bags a day at any time. - Put one tea bag in teacup with hot water (2.40ml) and wait at least 5 minute. - You may use a spoon to mingle it to get more concentrated tea


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