Saturday, July 6, 2019

Soursop Leaves

Organic Dried Soursop Leaves 70g

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Soursop Leaves
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About the Product
- 100% Organic Soursop Leaves from Rai Chamaiporn Farm in North East Thailand, Are you looking for the best quality Soursop Graviola leaves
- We offer organic Soursop Graviola leaves harvested during the prime time for the utmost benefits.
- You will get 120 Soursop Graviola leaves processed through special techniques for maintaining the highest benefits.You will get a user manual which is easy to understand and practicable.Try it and you will not be disappointed with its quality.
Product Description:Soursop Graviola planted by natural way with organic. The leaves were dried in door at a proper temperature will preserve its quality. If you don't like the smell or taste, we reommend drinking the tea after leaving it coll or add a little honey or sugar or fruit juice as needed.
User Guide:1.Prepare water for 1,100 ML (40Oz.) to boil the leaves.2.Prepare 10-15 leaves and tear into small pieces.3.Boil water till boiling then put the leaves and then lower the heat so the water is still hot for 20 minutes, the switch off the heat. Leave it for a moment to filter later.4.Filtered the tea and ready to drink, you can gradually drink the tea for one week by storing it in the refrigerator.


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