Saturday, July 6, 2019

Stevia Leaf Tea

Organic Stevia Leaf Tea 30-Teabags

Retail Price: $29.90
Sale: $17.00

Organic Stevia Leaf Tea 30-TeabagsStevia Leaf Tea
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About the Product:

  • Organic Stevia Leaf Tea
  • Natural Sweetener No Sucralose
  • Gluten Free and NON GMO
  • Sugar Substitute
  • Zero Calories

Product Description:

"Krittiya Garden's Stevia Leaf Tea" made from 100% organic stevia leaves through the standard manufacture process, roasted stevia leaves in a Clay Pot as allow to more great taste and aroma, clean & safe, high nutrition, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Stevia Leaf Tea Benefit: Stevia herbs enhance strength increase blood for the brain, Suitable for those who want control sugar level in blood, Stevia properties help reduce fat in blood, Helps reduce the risk of heart disease, High blood pressure and obesity epidemic and nourish the liver.


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