Thursday, August 22, 2019

Organic Soursop Leaf Tea Review

Let me introducing for the soursop leaf tea from krittiya garden, as you know that in the soursop leaf have the annonaceous acetogenin substance. This substance help against the cancer, soursop leaf tea from Krittiya Garden it product from organic soursop leaves non chemical at all it's friendly with your body system. We collect only hard leaves to made the tea that it will have more nutrition than weak leaves. Moreover soursop leaf tea will help improve your immune, bloodand nervous system.

How to prepare the tea:
1.put the hot water into the tea cup
2.pick one teabag from the package and put into the teacup
3.soak and wait about 2 minute
4. enjoy.

After I test to drink to soursop leaf tea it's have perfumed and delicious taste (medium taste) not sweet or bitter. its smell look alike the durion (I think so), in the package it's contain 60 teabage each size about 5x5cm if you drink 2 time a day for 1 package can support you up to 30 day as I recommend to drink 1-2 time a day.

Organic Soursop Leaf Tea

Organic Soursop Leaf Tea

Soursop Leaf Tea from Krittiya Garden


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